Saturday, August 2

Japan 2014: Sociology World Congress

Almost a year ago, Keith and I were blessed to have our abstract accepted as a distributed paper in one of the sessions hosted by the RC34 (Sociology of Youth). Frankly, we have just finished with our individual undergraduate theses when our mentor 'helped' us in submitting that one. Plans were made, and just about three weeks ago, headed to Yokohama, Japan for the XVIII ISA World Congress of Sociology. The ISA World Congress of Sociology is a gathering of practitioners of the discipline (both PhD and junior Sociologists, like us) that happens every four (4) years. It is an opportunity to converge and to discuss current trends in Sociology and/or research.  We were accompanied by our thesis adviser, Dr. Batan, and some batchmates, namely: Leanne, Keen, Jah & Rish.

Definitely, this is a first of many things. Cheers to Yokohama & beyond!