Thursday, July 24

See you soon, baby Xia!

Dear baby Xia Noelle,
   You may not know me yet, but I have been waiting (along with your other titos and titas) for you. Your parents are very excited to have you soon. There's so much love (and gifts) for you the other night when we gathered for a baby shower (you'll know what that is when you grow up). These are some of the things I wish for you:
I hope you... life full of faith, hope and love;
...won't be afraid to explore the world;
...ignore those who says you can't achieve your dreams;
...get to dream and achieve as much as you want;
...laugh about the simplest things in life;
...respect your parents and the values they impart; and
I hope you grow to be a beautiful lady in Christ.
Never be afraid of the world, for Christ will always be with you. Dream and aim high, never hinder you from growing. Allow yourself to be guided by faith, hope and love - to be excellent in things because of these three.

Love, tita Debbie