Monday, September 1


Last Friday, I went to Manila to attend a lecture on protecting and restoring a people's heritage by one of the Ramon Magsaysay Award recipients. Cherie, a fellow IPC-DSA scholar at the Ateneo, met up with me at the National Museum. Masoudi's lecture focused on the protection of the Afghan culture as well as the reconstruction of their own National Museum after the civil war. It was an interesting session, though I feel like there's a lack of involvement among the people (Afghans). I wonder whether they have a sense of [cultural] ownership, while Cherie thought about the Afghans' initiative in protecting and restoring their cultural heritage. During the open forum, one line from Masoudi caught my attention, which is: the future [of the museum] must be brighter than its past. I just hope our National Museum (or any museum in the country) be given important as such, and be more relevant among the young [Filipino] people. We have a great heritage, and it's sad to see how many are taking it for granted.Museums are one of the reasons why I wanted to [originally] take Anthropology. If things don't work out with Sociology, after I finish my masters degree, may be I can look into a degree related to cultural heritage and museums (outside of the PH). 

With Cherie
Lecture at the Old Senate Hall
National Museum
But for now, I enjoy finding the hidden treasures Manila has to offer. After the lecture, we met up with Cherie's friend from Mapua. It was quite interesting that I (sort of) toured them around the Walled City. I used to go here during my undergrad years with my friends, and I actually grew up frequenting Intramuros with the family. Also, I enjoyed having lunch for under a hundred bucks. Hope to go around the area soon, beyond the usual tourist spots. Photo walk, anyone?

Kantunan please.
Since I was in Manila, I decided to visit UST. Dropping by the Santissimo Rosario, I was welcomed by a sea of yellow. Home. That sight made feel that I am home. 
A sea of yellow
And being true to its identity, it rained hard that afternoon. I braved the rain to meet up with Ruth about her thesis. Finally, we found a theory for her! Fingers crossed, I hope she was able to pull it off beautifully using the data available. I spent the afternoon/night with her, Angie & Howell at Cafe U.K. Basically, I was just commenting on whatever she found as I was reading through Giddens. It was surreal. A year ago, we were the ones stressing about our theses. A year ago, we were the ones cursing the professors about sudden make up classes. A year ago, we were still on Caleruega high. A year ago, I never knew I could do all the things I've accomplished within the half of 2014. So much has changed. Great things ahead, no turning back, indeed.
Socio is love!
A year ago, this person wrote me a beautiful retreat letter. Because of my circumstances then, it disturbed me how much it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Unfortunately, it got lost with my other retreat letters. Hopefully I can find it again. No trip to Manila would be complete without a quick dinner and catching up with this guy. Quota ka na naman, dalawang linggo na naman tayo nagkakasama. HAHA. Thank you Howell, for staying through thick and thin. Five years of friendship, to AB and beyond! Let's just see where this would take us. Sabi ko nga nung summer, marami pa pwede mangyari in the next few years - wala naman nagmamadali. Paki bisita na lang ako sa Quezon City!

At Mang Toots
Thankful for a Friday well-spent at my second home [city]! I guess returning to where I have spent some of the best years of my life (so far) is good for the soul. It lessens the stress plus I get to catch up with the people that I value most.