Thursday, May 24


Earlier, I had the chance to bond with our former household. Even though the time was limited, it was nice seeing (almost) everyone again. My time with them made me realize things, most of them I shared on Twitter.   I tweeted like crazy earlier because of the ideas popping in my head.
  1. Grateful for my YFC North B HS Household. I just realized that they're one of the reasons why I love HSB this much. I'm blessed to have served with such passionate people. They helped me to be closer to Him. Plus, these people were strangers turned good friends.
  2. Christ centered relationships are the best. After our 'term', the household remained friends. People may change, but our relationship with one another remained the same. Why? Simply because it is Christ who fill the differences that we have. Tonight was a quiet one (very unusual), but we had fun. Being comfortable with each other's silence, simply amazing.  
  3. Genuine change could only happen through Christ. Like what I said on Twitter, our stay in YFC is temporary but we'll be Christ forever. I realized tonight that our stay in this community is senseless if we're not living Christ centered lives. We may be actively serving the community, but do we walk our talk? Do we practice what we preach? You enjoy worshiping at events, but how is your personal prayer time? The opportunity of being in YFC is wasted every time we fail to deepen our relationship with Christ. There is a reason why we're called Youth For Christ. The name of our ministry is a constant reminder that Christ wants to have personal connection with us, that we be of His service. We need to change because of Him, and not just because we're part of YFC.
I pray that His love be the center of my life, of everything that I do. I pray that He continue to bless the people who are near and dear to me, and those people who serve Him wholeheartedly. I pray that my faith be strengthened because of Him, with the help of my YFC family. I pray that He speak to me, and lead me to the path He made for me.