Friday, May 4


"Blogging is writing. Writing is therapeutic. Ergo, blogging is therapeutic"
I don't write to please others, I write to make myself feel better. When I was in 6th grade, I wanted to be a writer. I had this notebook filled poems and short stories, plus random notes-which turned my notebook into a diary. Those pages of endless (and relentless) ranting witnessed a different side of me, rarely seen by the people around me. It felt good to share those thoughts with my dairy, knowing that it has no power to judge me.

My classmates introduced me to blogging in 2006, but I started my Xanga in 2008. It was a tough time, and I had to place my thoughts somewhere. I signed up for Xanga, Wordpress, Multiply and LiveJournal. I rarely share my whole life story with anyone, yet my blog knew the stories I refuse to tell anyone-one of the reasons why I deleted my LiveJournal. I used to blog about everything in my LJ blog, which made me decide that I should keep it as my private blog. High school was rough, I had to contain everything in one place-or else I would explode. I also deleted that blog because it was too negative, and it reminded me of things I should forget.

Nowadays, I do believe that there's no need for a private/secret blog. Like what I said earlier, I write to make myself feel better. This blog would help me keep my sanity through tough times, and I'll keep on writing no matter what.