Sunday, February 19

Happy Indeed

Finally, I met Mr. Jim Libiran! I did saw him during the Kinse premiere, BUT NOT THIS CLOSE. HAHAHA. Happy day <3 Photos taken last February 9, 2012 at the Tan Yan Kee Student Center, University of Sto. Tomas after the Happyland forum.
With Direk Jim :) (c) Jaja Veneracion

(c) Jaja Veneracion

With Pau and fellow fans, Axl & Malou (c) Jaja Veneracion
I've known sir Yayet for 4 semesters now, been working for him for 3 semesters already. But amazingly, this is my first picture with him. Ayos di ba? HAHA.  (c) Shayne Ruebe
The Happyland forum was more than an opportunity to meet Direk Jim, or to support my senior ates and kuyas. It made me realize that I'm supposed to be here. No questions asked. Direk Jim said "kailangan ng perseverance at talent para mag succeed, hindi pera". We all have our measures for success. As for me, you've got to love what you do for you to be successful. I'm going to strive hard not to get high grades, but for me to be successful here.