Saturday, February 11


Valentine's day is so overrated. Since elementary, I'm one of those people who believes in the other purpose of that cheesy day: PROFIT. I've been making chocolates since 5th grade, and selling them to my classmates. Although now that I think about it, being a capitalist maybe one of my talents. HAHA. Aside from capitalists selling out the cheesy idea of love, I find it fascinating that people give gifts on this occasion. For me, it's sweeter for a person to give a gift on a regular day over Feb 14 because it is unexpected.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not bitter or what. I do get gifts on Valentine's day, even if I'm single. I do accept them, those are gifts anyway. One thing I don't get though. Why do guys assume that we like them back just because we accept their gift? In Sociology, it is said that we are the ones responsible for attaching meanings on objects. Therefore, an object's symbolism may vary from a person to another. But, there are generally accepted symbolism or norms. 

If ever I commit myself to someone in the near future, I'd rather not spend Valentine's day. I'd rather make him feel loved in my own little ways, even if there is no occasion.