Thursday, January 12


Earlier, I was reading The Manila Boy's blog on tumblr. His latest post goes like this:
Ang Thesis, nagsisimula sa Proposal
Papatunayang may patutunguhan ang Proposal
Pag napatunayan mo na, Kailangan nang Patunayan na totoo ang Proposal mo.
Para magtagumpay, kailangan mong panindigan para tanggapin ng lahat ang Thesis mo. 
Ang thesis ay parang pag-big.
Research is an important part in the discipline of Sociology. The moment you take Sociology courses, the professors are actually 'training' you to think critically and to do research. During our first year in college, we've written tons of mini-papers (ranging from 3 to 7 pages). This semester, we're taking up Research I (Introduction to Research) and our expected course output is a draft of our research proposal. In other words, we need to write the draft of chapters 1-3 of our beloved thesis. And yes, I'm still in 2nd year. Next semester, we'll polish the proposal and defend it. As written above, I need to prove that my proposal leads somewhere; that my proposal is worth my time and effort. And like love, I would do anything for a great thesis-except have it written by another person, that's just crazy! One should consider his/her thesis paper as his/her own baby. After all, that thesis is a product of your own labor as well as your mind. It is your own, no one could replicate-in terms of content and essence. THESIS IT! I could do this! Plus, I believe that writing a good thesis paper could help me determine what I really want for my future. I just hope I don't write my thesis like this, without any draft or revision. HAHA.