Friday, January 6


After the Christmas break, I experienced one of the craziest weeks in UST. Why? Let me tell you in bullets:
  • Lectures! We were expecting a pretty lazy first day last Tuesday, but amazingly, three out of four of our professors went on discussing as if we only had a long weekend. And so Wednesday and Thursday went by, with professors trying to cram lessons into our jet lagged minds. Thank God, no one discussed today. HAHA.
  • Work. I admit, I was not focused with my work last month. I promise myself (and my boss. HAHA) to work more efficiently starting this month.  
  • Immersion News. One of my close friends from the Senior class informed me last Wednesday that our batch will not be joining them on the supposed immersion on February because of some things. Of course, it was sad because personally, I feel that will be the last time that we'll bond with them. As I have said that night, c'est la vie. I found the reason to be valid, but to base their decision upon that is unjust. Just before Theology, I was talking with Leanne and Dr. Gamo about it. Lo and behold, we're going to have our immersion, and its still in the South (of Luzon, that is). I'll be the one to have the papers processed this time, lucky me.
  • Quizzes! Okay, so we had a quiz on Encyclicals for Theology, a very confusing quiz for Filipino, and a mind bending quiz for Biology. And I think the exercise we did for Research is counted as a quiz, too.
  • Upcoming USTSS Elections. Kuya Marc went to our class yesterday to announce about the elections. I could feel that the candidates will be competitive, lets just hope it's a healthy one.