Monday, January 16

January 7: Birthdays!

I know a lot of people who celebrates their birthday during the month of January. And last January 7, I went to two different celebrations. It was a crazy day, because I had to make sure that I'd manage my time correctly and be able to make it to the second celebration without compromising the first one.

First Stop: Buffet 101 with the family for Sam's 13th Birthday. My baby brother is officially a teenager. Aww. Did I mention that he's actually taller than me? Our family loves buffets, I actually grew up eating at different buffets, so we tried this one at the SM Mall of Asia. It was my older sister who suggested the place to my mom. At first, I thought it was a bad idea since we live in Quezon City and MOA's in Pasay; plus the fact that the buffet rate is a bit high. However, the universe loves proving me wrong. It's sulit! Definitely the best buffet I've eaten at. Buffet101 actually serves international cuisine, and from the looks of it, their chefs are Cantonese (based on their physical appearance and language). You could even ask them to cook for a certain dish, free of charge! And yes, overflowing drinks! While eating lunch, I actually had two watermelon shakes and a cup of tea. I loved the ambiance of the restaurant, too. The whole place seems like a dining area taken from a posh hotel.
Before digging in. Awkward smile is awkward.
The infamous mirror shot. I was supposed to take a picture with my brother when they came out of the restroom and saw us. Do I even look like my siblings (or mama)?
BEST BUFFET EVER. I would definitely go there again if given the chance.
Rode the MOA Eye with siblings and Lorraine. Guess who cried.
Pretty lights
After a mini-road trip, we finally got home around 6PM and I rested for a while before preparing for the evening. Good thing, my sister offered me a ride to Tomas Morato for the party. 

Second stop: Thaipan for Cath's 18th Birthday party. I had no clue where the restaurant was, so I had to google it before leaving. Fortunately, it happens to be at the exact street as Starbucks Morato. Thaipan has this homey feeling, plus the fact that Thai food is one of my favorites, makes me want to visit that place again. Cath's birthday was also a mini-gathering for our class. I really missed my high school friends! I rarely see them, or even talk to them. It was great catching up with them. 
A panda themed debut!
With Janine, Bianca and Susa!
Some of Avellana's pretty ladies :) 
I love celebrating birthdays simply because it shows how blessed a person is. When we celebrate our birthdays, we are usually surrounded by family and friends. They're the ones who'll stick to you no matter what, who'll stand by your side at all times. Birthdays show how you are loved by these people. And above all, a birthday is a celebration of the hope that life brings.

Buffet 101
Bldg K, Seaside Blvd, San Miguel by the Bay, SM Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
Contact No: 556-2888, 556-3888.
Buffet Rate:
Mon-Sat Lunch P699
Mon-Fri Dinner P950
Sun Lunch,Sat-Sun Dinner P1050.
Eat/Drink All U Can!

120 Scout Dr. Lazcano, Tomas Morato, Quezon City
Contact No: 352-4926, 0917-808-0718
Price Range: P110-P360