Friday, December 30

'Cause love brought me here

This small town life behind for good
And not a single tear was falling
It took leaving for me to understand
Sometimes your dreams just aren't what life has planned 
-Lady Antebellum, Home is Where the Heart is
Finally reached Pangasinan!
A very random photo. Thanks Sam!
A bridge somewhere in Alcala, which crosses the Wawa River

I think I left half of my heart there
I used to visit the plaza at night with cousins whenever we're home
The Dominican influence could be seen around the parish grounds
I was trying to capture Arayat, but I failed
Sunset as seen from NLEX
Mama grew up in, with both of my grandparents originating from San Fabian, Pangasinan. While growing up, she would go home a couple of times within the year for various reasons and of course, she'll bring us with her. Most of my 'cherished' childhood memories include eating at stopovers, passing through NLEX, playing with my cousins, being called 'Mariz', etc. In school, whenever they ask what province I'm from, I'd always say Pangasinan (first, then say Cebu). Up until now, I consider (San Fabian) Pangasinan as my hometown. This may be a cliche, but they say that the home is where the heart is. My heart belongs to that small town at the edge of Pangasinan; to her food, to her culture, to her small town feel, to her people, and so much more! I wished I could stay there, but my life's currently revolving here. Someday, I'm praying that I could stay there, for good.