Sunday, January 24

Of all the things that changed since our college graduation, one thing has remained the same. UST has and will always be home for me. I've been back a couple of times: to assist in a lecture, to give a talk, to get documents, and to catch up with good friends. Sights and feels. Being inside the campus makes me feel nostalgic, always a trip down memory lane.

Nag-iisa ka lamang, pinagpalang pamantasan

Before our actual dinner, Leanne and I decided to drop by our favorite Korean restaurant: Hanayo. We've been eating in the same restaurant since our freshmen years. After college, no visit to UST would be complete without a rameon session with this girl. It was a much needed catch up talk with each other, of "contemplating" life beyond college. While at Hanayo, I realized that we've been eating the same rameon and sharing stories for almost six years. It's been six years since we were freshies.

Good food with good friends!
It's been almost six years of friendship with these people as well. They have seen me in various states - the best, the worst, and every thing in between. Grateful to have these constants by my side in all ways, always. We actually have projects together - on top of our regular workload in our graduate studies and work. To more years Sociology and food!

Going back to the place that became a huge part of who I am today is always refreshing. It's been six years since I fell in love with Sociology, and I am blessed to be in the right institution then. UST will continue to remind me of where I've been, where I want to go, and what are my values and principles that will help me go there.