Monday, September 7

Gratitude List

Deciding to write is one thing, focusing on a subject is another. I always find myself struggling at the later, having my thoughts all over the place. In the attempt to rekindle this passion for writing, allow me to share some of the things I've been grateful for the past few months. 2015 has been, and still is, a year of God's love and grace in all ways. 
  1. Celebrating a year of being a graduate student. Coursework: CHECK. Comprehensive Exams: CHECK. Sanity: CHECK...I think? Kidding aside, I am grateful to have survived completed my first year as a graduate student. While most of my batch mates are already celebrating a year in the corporate world, I am happy with the path I've chosen. The academe has its ups and downs as well, a different set of difficulties from the corporate world. But it is through each day spent as a student [of the society] that I slowly find myself firm [and affirmed] in this purpose that He has called me to fulfill.
  2. Going full circle on my discernment. Mission exists within and outside of the community. God spoke clearly through Pope Francis, go to the peripheries. As I seek more knowledge, I know that He is calling me to seek Him in every manuscript I am about to write. To proclaim His greatness through the discipline He has given me.
  3. Using my own money for travel. Paid for most of my expenses for YFC ICon & Cross Culture this year. AHHH, very fulfilling. 
  4. Papal Visit, YFC ICon, and Cross Culture. Such powerful encounters with the Lord, through different people in various time and space.
  5. Visit papa in the Middle East. As a young girl, I have always dreamed of going to the middle east and see camels visit my dad. Crossing that off my nonexistent bucketlist as I traveled to the UAE for cross culture. I've only spent few weeks in the desert heat, but the experience felt surreal. 
  6. Have people pray for and with you. ...on a lot of things. Really grateful for each and everyone of you! 
  7. SFC CLP! Yaay, finally done with my CLP after all the drama/pabebe stuff. Thank you to my chapter heads and facis for really encouraging me. 
Four(-ish) months left for this year. Looking forward to experiencing more of God's love and grace in all ways, always.