Tuesday, April 21

Starting a Revolution

From what I've learned over the semester, revolutions are massive social upheavals. What makes them revolutions are the outcomes they produce - changes in the political system, in class relations, and in culture. Without these three elements, it's just any other upheaval. Realizing this fundamental theory, I've come to full appreciation of the YFC's International Conference just last week. Dubbed as Love Revolution, it is a call to be radical with our faith as Catholics and to initiate change in society. The theme of the conference is encapsulated in one of the lines uttered on stage:
The calling is always personal, but the mission is never individual.
As a ministry, YFC is called to be relevant in society - not just in terms of evangelizing, but also in everyday lives. However, we should always remember that the Lord speaks to each and everyone of us differently. And these messages can appear at any time, in any form. True enough, He spoke to me through the conference - with a personal invitation to be part of the revolution.

Specifically, among the signs affirmations, there were three messages that echoed throughout my stay in Surigao. It came from different speakers, sharers, participants, and even sticky note post on the Love Cloud board. This conference has affirmed my discernment, my calling - to live out the mission in my chosen profession. To be and bring Christ outside of the community. To continuously experience God's love through this community. To simply love and be loved.