Saturday, April 4

A love that keeps me waiting

April 4, 2015
Holy Saturday

Gospel: Mark 16:1-7 (Easter Vigil)

The world offers us with two opposing feelings: certainty and confusion. We often strive to look for assurance in events happening in our lives. Hence, celebrating certainty and fearing confusion. But today's gospel tells us otherwise. In the narratives of the Resurrection, it is revealed to us how great confusion leads to certainty filled with great joy. Just imagine what Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Salome felt when they saw the empty tomb and had been told about Christ's resurrection. Confusion and fear must have filled their hearts! However, this event was life-changing for them as their readiness to lay their lives reveals their faith. Even though they felt uncertainty at first, the Resurrection filled them with joy and hope. It is through this confusion that they became certain that the Lord will fulfill his promises. They just have to wait and to believe.

Similarly, while the world tells us to be certain OR confused, Jesus is telling us to wait. Like His Resurrection, our stories are to be revealed in stages. We may be experiencing confusion in different aspects of our lives, but something better is about to come. God is simply unraveling his plans slowly. It may take a day, a week, a month, or even a year to understand our present circumstances. We just have to wait, to believe, and to hold on to his promises.

What is the Lord asking us to wait on? 

Photo from Maica Gatmaitan

What is the Lord asking me to wait on? Love. His love

While walking around Maginhawa last week, Juno asked me "ano girl, paghihintayin ka na naman ba". I remember telling her that the person I made plans with was still somewhere else. For some odd reason, I have this odd history of waiting for people - in both the physical and emotional senses. After the reflection above, I finally realized that waiting isn't bad. It makes you anxious and excited at the same time; worry and celebrate throughout the process. These feelings may not literally happen at the exact moment, but one could see how waiting in itself is a journey.

Waiting = journey. The Lord is asking me to wait on His love, to journey through the graces around me. From the hardships in my graduate studies, to the joys in my service. As I pray for clarity in a lot of things, I need to wait and to believe that a great plan that lies ahead. Despite of the circumstances, it is His love that remains clear, His love will bring great joy. And who knows, through His love, I may be able to allow myself to be loved once more.

First part of this entry is a reflection originally written for CFC-Youth For Christ