Saturday, July 19

July 19, 2014
Yokohama, Japan

I've been drunk with good moments and high on optimism. The past four months, cr-azy as it seems, made me feel like I'm invincible. It felt like I'm on cloud nine, on ecstasy, in nirvana, etc. Everything just felt good. Amazing. Happy. Like I could do everything in one snap.

I was wrong.

The feelings inside of me were trapped. Feelings that remained unexplored. Thoughts sugarcoated. There was another Debbie within, yearning for freedom - to simply scream.

This trip helped me a lot. I opted to be on my own for most times, and it allowed me to simply think and reflect. Wherever I am today, it's thanks to all the intersections and hard work I did for the past few years. I know where I want to be, and I'm willing to do anything to get there. Well, not the expense of others. I'll get there because I deserve to.

I'll be braver this time. Just wait and see.