Tuesday, January 21

Travel Itch

My favorite places in the Philippines as of January 2014
In 2011, my brother and I tagged along our mom to attend this wedding in Baler, Aurora. It was a long ride from Manila yet a good one. Baler is definitely breathtaking, and reaching it will take you through a picturesque road trip. I realized then that I don't have to travel far to see awesome sights, I just have to explore and discover the hidden treasures within the Philippines. Since then, I flew wandered around the country - either with family or friends, or for leisure or academe. I tend to fall in love with each destination, and create memories with each travel. Growing up, my family and I would often travel to Pangasinan (by car) or fly to Cebu - but the story is always different for each trip. I'm at home with every expressways, national highways, barrio roads, and airports. I crave to travel more, to different destinations, to hear different languages and to learn (or at least understand) these. It's an expensive hobby, so I guess I better do well in the future to support such luho. An adventure awaits those who travel, I'm looking forward for my trips this year.