Sunday, January 26

January 26, 2014

I've been meaning to write a cheesy (and jologs) letter/blog entry for ate +Karen Joy Alcober  before her flight back to Leyte. Unfortunately, work piled up plus I had to study for my prelim exams. So, even if she'll be able to read this on a later date, keri lang.

I am always grateful to and for, specifically:

1) Thank you for always believing in me. As I was starting in this program, you were one of the sisters who took care of me even if we're from the same area. You have always been there for me since I said yes to this service, and thank you for encouraging me to be better - as an ate an as a person.

2) Thank you for being patient with me. I know you expected me to be one of your comfort zones in our household, and I'm sorry if I was not able to fulfill that. There are things that we do out of love, without knowing that we are hurting others already. Thank you for not giving up.

3) Thank you for being an ate to me. And for inspiring me! Even before you became my household head, I would always hold in my heart that you are a friend and a sister to me first. Those stories about being a middle child, our love for books, writing and museums, the similarities of our majors, our cheesiness and/or dramas, etc. AND! Thank you for being protective of me during the time I started to pray for Glen ;)

And as you turn 20+ today, I pray with and for you:

1) That you remain joyful in waiting for His plans to unfold. Dahil pinanindigan mo na talaga yung pangalan mo, I pray that you remain joyful in waiting for His plans to unfold and to continue finding joy in Him. I believe that you have witnessed the Lord's greatness through everything that happened to you last year, may it be happy or not. May you continue to anticipate His plans with an excited heart

2) That He continue to bless you, your family and your heart. Knowing you, the decision you made was not an easy one. You had all the reasons to stay here in Manila, yet you chose to return to Leyte. As the Lord blesses you with another year, may He continue to bless and keep you. We claim that this year, slowly, you and your family will slowly pick up the pieces and start again. May He bless your heart, so you could endure the things to come.

3) A love that is for keeps. We easily talk about these during cheesy talks or when talking about your favorite saint (of the things lost) but really, I pray a love that is for keeps for the both of us. When love comes knocking, I hope that you keep yourself open to possibilities and pray for that person. I believe that we deserve the best, as the Lord is still writing our love stories.

Happy birthday ate Karen! I hope to see you soon!