Friday, June 1


Last month, all I prayed for was a summer getaway; an outing of some sort. I thought that one weekend away from home would make for a cool what-I-did-last-summer-vacation story. And then again, I was wrong. My summer was filled with love & laughter; it was about making new friends, gaining new experiences, exploring new places, eating a lot, having quality time with family, and deepening my faith.

For the first time in about 5 years, I was able to go out of town with my family. Not really for the usual uwi-ng-sat-balik-ng-sunday routine we do when we go home, but for leisure. I'm amazed to how we could actually enjoy each other's company without the constant bickering between me and my sister. Crazy, how people could actually change and get along. Never thought that was possible, but God makes things possible! Thank You Lord for giving me this family, they're just perfect!

At Caleruega
At Rosario, Batangas with Tala
This summer, I decided to work-even if there are interns working for sir Yayet. It was a good choice, I made new friends and learned a lot! Admittedly, I was a bit -lax since the other RAs were busy working, can't wait for next year! Been learning (and inspired) from the people I work with in the Youth Cluster & RCCESI. Imagine yourself listening to people giving their discipline's take on one matter. AWESOME :D
Youth Research Workshop
Bulk of my summer was spent with YFC. In between working with the Youth Cluster and spending quality time with the family, I was actually serving Him. Back in March, I told a dear kuya in YFC that I feel (spiritually) dry. I prayed for His guidance, to let me hear His message and lead me to His will. And then summer came. Had a lot of 'firsts' in my service, and I believe I was able to experience Him through those things. I spent my weeks packing and unpacking for a YFC activity. Got invited to camps, went to the SHOUT, and the HPV Training.

I enjoyed this year's SHOUT. Familiar and new faces, strangers turned friends, brothers and sisters in Christ, and a household closer than ever. But more than the people I'm with, SHOUT 2012 became personal to me, a week away from everything but not detachment. It was then that I realized that there's a thin line between being 'strong' and being 'broken'. It's called being okay. And so the girl who loved to laugh and smile broke down during the last session. I realized then that the thin line was gone, that I was broken and empty. A brother told me, "Allow the Lord to fill your emptiness. Allow Him to work in you. Lahat naman tayo work in progress". I felt Him like I never did before. I can't even have words to describe that night. He humbled me. He reminded me that He alone is the reason for my mission.
JAD/Sisters fellowship at QC Circle (c) There
Area 1, Number 1! (c) Mica
I confess: I'm a high school baby. I've been serving in YFC HSB since forever. I grew and matured in this program, thanks to my dear ates and kuyas. Nakakapanibago. This summer marked the first time I won't be seeing ate Lucky or ate Tin in the training. The HS Team was different, from what I grew up with. It was God's will. He knew that we, certified HS babies, would grow if other ates and kuyas are able to mentor us. They were not able to see me grow in the Spirit, but I could share who I am to them. As I share my life with them, they do the same and in turn, inspire more in this mission. Praise God for that!

Inspiring people: HSB TEAM ON FIRE!
This summer gave me the opportunity to serve in the HPV Training. I got used to listening and to jotting down notes with everyone. But this time, the Lord showed me a different side-that of the service team. Prayer warrior, laptop girl, etc. Never thought I will be tapped to share God's greatness. One of my questions from SHOUT was answered. He said to me (through the outline), I do not call the qualified, I qualify the called. That line struck me, and yun lang talaga pinanghawakan ko. Being in His presence plus being surrounded by passionate missionaries made the weekend great! The energy this year is different. It feels vibrant, feels like Christ. I'm really excited to serve my love, YFC North B HS and Metro Manila HSB. And I believe it's not a training hype, but I'm excited to share His love with our babies. I've got a long way to go, my YES will last even after YFC. Continuing the journey with Him, continuing the mission.

Metro Manila HSB, represent!
Walang iwanan, parts!
Never cliquish, always sweet.
Work, family & YFC kept me occupied. Work gave me new perspectives, had quality time with my family, and YFC is my summer love. For once in my life, I could truly say that I'm happy. As summer ends, good memories were made. I'm looking forward to creating new ones! I bid adieu to you, summer!