Thursday, April 26

Letter to Nobody

Why do we set standards? Why do we set these crazy standards in the different aspects of our live? We complicate things because of this; we tend to live bounded by those standards, and fail to see beyond the walls that we put up. Why do we expect? And what do we do if our expectations fail? Do we blame ourselves, or those around us? To whom should we address our rants?

Love; one aspect of human life where standards and expectations don't mix well. We have these standards, but at the end of the day, no one is that perfect. I've proven that there's no reason for us to find someone fit for our standards, because that would only lead to failed expectations. I've already met my ideal guy, a friend close to me. I find it funny that I did not see this earlier, but he has almost all of the characteristics I'm looking for in a guy. Funny, I don't find you to be that appealing to me. I don't see myself going our friendship (or at least not yet). If I have the strength to tell him this story, I would say:

Mon chéri, you're my ideal guy. You're too perfect for me though, I think.

Crazy as it sounds, but I don't get why my standards failed. I could almost reach it, but apparently, it is not there anymore. My walls are too thick; I wonder how I'm able to bring this down-someday.

Free yourself from these standards and expectations; start living your life!