Monday, December 26

Best Memory of 2011

I was checking out what's trending on Twitter, then I saw the hash tag #bestmemoryof2011. Come to think of it, I can't choose one, this year's jam packed with both sweet and bittersweet memories. HAHA. So I'm listing my top 10 memories for this year.
  1. CD and Bilibid Trips with USTSS. So okay, I'm neither the VP-Ex nor originally part of the CD committee, but I got involved with these projects anyway. HAHA. Being part of these things made my year extra-meaningful, and also made me appreciate my life a little more. It showed me how even the simplest things in life could bring joy to another person. I'm looking forward to more CD and Bilibid trips in the future, because I know that there's a lot more to learn in each trip. Being involved made me feel like a Sociology major more than any activity that we had this year (sorry, just being honest) and I want every Socio major to experience this as well. Tiring, but worth it.
  2. Being an online delegate during ILC CDO. Oh yes, those epic 3 days that I was in front of my lappy, listening to every session and singing worship songs like everyone else in the conference. It proved that no matter where you are, He will always make His presence known to you. It doesn't matter if you don't feel the conference as long as you experience it. I managed to stay up late, tweeting lines from the conference like crazy, updating my HS babies on FB whenever a sesh or a worship would start. I feel blessed that I heard His messages, I feel blessed as an online delegate.
  3. Saying YES to a greater service/mission as an ate to YFC NBHS. I still remember the day that Kitin asked me if I'd like to step up, and I said yes in an instant. If given the opportunity to travel back in time, I'd yes there and then again. It is my honor to serve HS based, my home and my family. The moment said YES to Kitin, I said YES to Him. It was a proposal from God, the sign that I was waiting for during that time. It opened a lot of opportunities, things that I have never dreamed about before. I met a bunch of awesome friends from all over the Metro, served in the MMC and went places. It was just amazing and still is. Plus the fact that I've been blessed with a great partner who is patient with me and understands me. Well, not everything is perfect (almost bankrupt, heartbreaks, failures, not giving my all, being unfaithful to my prayer time, etc.), and this is the year my brother stood up for Him. I'm looking forward to serving more and more and more, all for His Glory.
  4. UST Quadricentennial Celebration. HEY! I'm studying at the Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas, the Catholic University of the Philippines. I'm lucky to be a quadri baby, being a frosh during the Quadricentennial season or when the University celebrated 400 years of unending grace. The concert was great, featuring alumni and guests, not to mention the pyrotechnics at the end. 
  5. Valentines 2011. I also forgot to include this one! It's not special because someone gave me a rose but it's one of the best memories that I have this year because I had no idea that he'll give one. In short, I was surprised! And just to be clear, I did not assume anything then. It was sweet, but back then I know everyone's just teasing us so things can't be serious.
  6. Admitting to someone that I like him. Okay, this was just awkward. I could not tell him personally, so it happened over the phone. Other than that, I'm not willing to tell any detail regarding this. HAHA. I don't regret telling him my feelings, at least I could say that I told him. After that, I never wished that I did otherwise and kept those feelings to myself (and my trusted friends). If that affected our friendship in anyway, it was a way of testing us. If it's meant to be, it will be.
  7. Team Building Seminar 2011. Epic TBS is just epic! Minus the creepy humming during the 1st night and the misunderstandings, it was great! Great food, great program and great sociology family <3 Our batch got reshuffled, and so the TBS became a way for me to adjust to this change.
  8. My 18th Birthday. I had no plan for my birthday. I don't believe that girl's 18th birthday is special, that's American mentality! I mean, I'll only have one 17th and 19th birthday, so why is the 18th so special? The first greeting that I heard was from Howell, I was only asleep for about 10 mins when he called. After that, it took me 30 minutes to sleep again. What made my day special was all the birthday greetings and hugs (from my friends, blockmates, professors, etc.). My senior ates even excused me in the middle of the class just to greet and hug me. I was not able to hear mass then, but I went to two churches that day, hoping to catch a mass.
  9. Listening to Johnoy Danao. LIVE. TYL! I was supposed to cancel with Luis on our Moonleaf Katipunan hangout last Thursday because of my migraine. I messaged him and told him that we should push through, I needed to get a planner and I needed my dose of milk tea. I was online during lunch time when Moonleaf shared a photo of Johnoy Danao's Dapithapon Sesh, only to find out that he'll be playing at Moonleaf Katips. And oh my, I just love his voice!
  10. When I decided to stay. As the year comes to an end, I decided to stay. I decided to stay in Sociology (in UST) and grow more as a person who sees things beyond the surface. I decided to stay as a friend to everyone, and to stop giving myself heartaches. And lasty, I decided to stay faithful to His promise and wait for the surprises He has in store for me.
I was telling Lyka earlier, 2011 was filled with such great memories that I have a hard time choosing the 'best' one. I guess to sum everything up, 2011 was a great year because of the opportunities and surprises that came.