Saturday, April 23

About seven years ago, I was sitting in the middle of Cebu. We were in a gathering of young people from all over the country, with some delegates coming from overseas. It was my first time to attend the event - it was not perfect, but I enjoyed the company of my friends. Everything is a blur now. I don't remember much, except for one moment. In the middle of the band's performance, within a session perhaps, one of the guitarists raised his arms. He was born with just one hand. As he was sharing his life to the crowd, he constantly testifies that the Lord simply provides for what he is lacking in - may it be physical or not. To simply use what he has to glorify God.

That brother eventually became our kuya - a missionary assigned within our area. It was a dream to have known him personally. It was an affirmation of God's calling to me that night in Cebu - to live out His love. After a year or two, he was transferred to another mission area. 

Fast forward to 2016, I saw that brother on stage again. This time, delivering a full session. A talk which talks about one's prayer life...of simply living a life of prayer. Sobrang bilib ko sa kuya na ito. Simply because God is great through him. Through every encounter with this brother, I am reminded of Christ. I am led to Christ's glory, not in this brother's greatness
It was a full circle moment for me. Of how I committed myself to the Lord back in 2009, here I am listening to this brother again. A full circle moment which does not end this promise, but rather a strong reminder of God's call. A reminder of how the Lord never abandons us throughout our journey with Him. That after seven years, I can still learn new things and unlearn those that are not good. Seven years, yet the same love embraces me. It is the same call. The same call to love and to be loved by the Lord.