Saturday, November 1

Hello, November!

First day of my birth month! I'm really throwing caution to wind this year, and simply allowing myself to be surprised. Well, except for that "soul-searching" trip before my birthday. But of course, I do have my birthday wishes (or rather sana-mangyari-ituuu moments). Allow to share some with you:
  1. Road trip with friends!
  2. New dresses (na mas professional looking).
  3. Johnoy Danao gig x be greeted/serenaded by the man himself.
  4. A WHOLE butterball cake for my birthday!
  5. Pay for my own birthday dinner
  6. A surprise...nothing in mind, really just a surprise.
  7. Flowers. 
  8. Meiji black chocolate! HIHI.
Yup, this is a nonsensical post. Just very happy that it's already November!