Thursday, May 8

For the past two months, I believe that God is simply allowing me to see His mercy, grace and power. There's a lot of things that has been happening, not only to me but to the people and groups that hold a special place in my heart. I am humbled by the fact that the Lord prepared (and is preparing) me for the greater things that lie ahead through the people surrounding me. This posture of mine seems unrealistic for most, but happiness is a choice. Life is not perfect, I still feel pain - but I choose to journey through it, with a happy and grateful heart. It is difficult to see light in the darkness, but if we simply look beyond the cracks, we should have a glimpse of something brighter. I am excited how the Lord plants little surprises throughout this path He laid for me. I am excited for the people who has answered His call, and how these babies would allow Him to work in their lives.