Tuesday, January 7

Looking back, 2013 was a bittersweet year for me. It was too fast. I started the year being in love, losing someone, and just confused about a lot of things. Little by little, circumstances and people helped me to get back on my feet. 2013 was a year of finding strength, love, and faith. I had to find strength to continue with the mission, to finish strong with my thesis, and to survive the year with all the feels within. However, even with all those struggles, love kept me going. Love for the people around me, and for the things I do. And lastly, I thank God for those moments, high or low, where I found Him in the people me. All this time, I am being reminded that He will always be here for me no matter what state I'm in and allow me to keep my eyes focused on Him.

After going through that crazy year, I am looking forward for a crazier 2014. A few months from now, I will be graduating from college. The thought of graduating and moving on with life is something I am really excited about, although it will be a huge challenge to leave my comfort zone. I believe that there are more things to discover this year, beyond the four walls of the University. After a long time, I will explore things on my own without the protection and guidance of my mentors. It will be an adventurous year, and even if it will not be easy - I'm pretty sure I'll enjoy the ride.