Tuesday, August 13

TALIM LET Review Project

This review project, somehow, restored my faith in dreams and aspirations. I guess there's that social forces would actually push us to dream and to aspire more than our own individual needs-whether we like it or not. These reviewers, who may or may not working as a teacher, finished their degree in education thinking that this could be their way out of status quo, or just improve it. They work to better themselves financially, so that they could give more to their family and bring pride to their hometown/barangay. Dreaming has no age- one could be young, the other could be old. It doesn't matter, dreams don't age as we do. Dreams exist as long as we hold on and believe. 

We'd like to thank the following: Our Lady of Perpetual Succor College (OLOPSC) for facilitating the actual review, the Binangonan Development Cooperative (BIDECO) for the venue, the United Church of Canada for the food, the TALIM volunteers, and the participants as well. We hope that your eagerness to prepare for the LET review did not end at BIDECO, but rather inspired you to succeed.

We at the TALIM program do not make wishes come true. We are mere human beings, not fairies from the lake. We, however, wish  act upon dreams. We study how we live and how we construct everything around us. We act and study for a better society-a better Philippines.