Monday, June 3

Random (Academic) Thoughts

RCCESI Extension Office
May 28, 2013
Around 10:30AM

 For the past two weeks I've spent less time for research to do some errands for the family, I had the opportunity to read and to think things through.Partly, I was sad of the time wasted for the past weeks-but it did gave me time to finally finish all the readings I have. Also, there was time to reflect and just check on the things that needs to be accomplished and why I'm not delivering well. First reason that I thought of was how I manage my time given that I have duties as a daughter, a friend, a leader, a girlfriend, a research assistant, and a student. However, I realized that I've been juggling those roles even before summer. Although, time was wasted thinking on how I should allocate time for each role. Second reason that came into my mind was my lack of time to simply pause and relax. I realized that I'm causing myself stress by thinking too much of everything that needs to be done. The only solution that I could think of that time was to schedule everything that I will do for this week.

THESIS. Earlier this month, I've decided to use the 2012 Gender Statistics on Labor and Employment instead of the FLEMMS data. Primarily, this is due to the fact that I am not used to quantitative research. My friend, Sam the Statistics major, advised me to stick with the basics (and with what I know) and turn the analysis into a strong one by weaving it well with the literature in the interpretation. He said that using complicated statistics may look good on paper, but if I can't explain it properly, better leave it alone. I also consulted Dr. Ang on what I could do with the statistics, knowing that the RICART team was also using statistics presented in the same manner. He said that I could get the growth rate given that I have at least three years to compare. With these advices, I thought of getting the growth rate then look for a fitting measure/tool for the level of significance. Though I should consult with my adviser about this. Dr. Ang also mentioned that I can't use different data sets in one analysis. So I should probably do different analysis for the data sets that I want to use (namely: youth household population, youth labor force and labor force participation, youth employment, underemployement, and unemployment rates). Doing mixed methods is also an option, for quantitative-statistical analysis combined with a qualitative analysis in the form of literature review. Sam did advice me to use my strength, knowing that I've been trained to do qualitative data analysis, and add a twist by doing something unexpected by doing the quantitative data analysis. I am actually excited to learn quantitative research for sociology, though I believe that I can't do it in just a month or two. Doing a strong data analysis takes mastery of both the data and the method. I envision some sort of reporting of this statistics through the lens of sociology.

ISTAMBAY RESEARCH. At first, I was overwhelmed by the deliverables for the project. I've been working with sir Yayet since 1st year, but it felt like I'm just starting to understand the core of this phenomenon. I did enjoy looking for literature and creating mind maps one after the other. With the shift from youth inactivity to delayed school-to-work transition, I was affirmed of what initially envisioned for my thesis and believed more in this research. I've always seen the istambay phenomenon as a transitional problem. I am excited to where this project may lead, and whether I'd work on this project even after I graduate. Cliche man, pero walang magandang bagay ang madaling nakukuha. More readings, and trainings are needed for this to work-balancing the theoretical with the actual work. The entire research may take years to finish, but it will be something that could affect how Filipinos look on this issue. And I should probably submit this as my write up.

I only have ten months in UST-two months finishing my undergraduate thesis, and eight months (hopefully) to polish, to present and publish it with my adviser. I'm not after any award, but presenting and publishing will be great. Given the opportunity, I hope that it would eventually help me to study in another University next year-still for Sociology. But before that, I need to work even harder and strive for excellence. Ora et Labora.