Saturday, June 22

Of Footbridges and Reality

When crossing the footbridge, our only goal is to get to the other side of the road safely. It is an easy task. One can easily get across without minding the people around the same bridge. However, can we say the same with footbridges filled not just with pedestrians but also those who are in need? If anyone asks you for help, would you entertain this stranger? Would you even stop and look at those 'beggars' sitting by the stairs?

Spare change, food, etc. would help them get through a day. This is something, but it will not help them with life. We live in a society wherein giving small help is appreciated, but often neglecting the option to find long term solutions. We could easily give street children food, but what about tomorrow? In reality, receiving alms may be a reason for them to stay in the streets instead of planning something better for their future.

It is easier to create an illusion that our help would actually be part of a bigger thing that could actual solve our problems. However, reality is hitting us hard. We may be blessed not to be experiencing these things, yet we see people suffer everyday. We see them suffer not only poverty, hunger, etc. but the greatest suffering they experience is from the society itself. The society, instead of helping them, pushes these people away and  brand them with different things. They are not outcasts, they should be enjoying the same privileges we are receiving.

If you can't help create the solution, why not at least smile at someone today?