Sunday, November 18

On Discernment

Discernment. Google would define this word as the ability to judge well, and or, the keenness of insight and judgment.  I had to look up the word, hoping that it would help me. Unfortunately, it did not. The YFC community taught me that discernment goes beyond our own judgment-it is actually listening to God's message and His plans for you. It's the time when you pray and reflect before making a decision (on where God is leading you to).

Just a week ago, I was listening to kuya Sol during our (HSB + Campus) Moderators' Summit. His session focused on exciting everyone for the mission that lies ahead-for our empowerment. I enjoyed his talk, but what struck me was this message: malinaw naman ang plano ni Lord, baka ikaw lang ang nagpapalabo. During the reflection, I realized how God blessed me in high school based. From the iyakin participant then to the grateful (but still iyakin) youth head writing this entry. I experienced everything in HSB, through Him. I prayed for more guidance, on where should I go next. At the end of the talk, kuya Sol showed a clip. To cut the long story short, it tries (which is in line with the talk) to tell us that we should stop looking and waiting for signs, we should grab the opportunity (and be a blessing).

A confused heart. I know what I want, but would God want that for me? Just a few days ago may prayer was answered. Well, is this a sign? It's different from what I've been praying for more than a year, and it did caught me off guard. I need to surround myself with good people, to consider everything, and to be prayerful. More importantly, I should be faithful to His promise.

Possibilities are infinite, so how could there be just one right choice to a decision?