Wednesday, October 3


Last week, I realized that the whole month of September was just crazy. Our class helped organized two events, one for Art Appreciation and the other for the AB Sociology Section. While doing so, we're trying our best to comply with every requirement our professors give us-not matter how silly un-socio like those things are (i.e. Why ask Sociology majors to produce a play if our core courses are research intensive?). 

Most of my classmates are probably thinking that being a research assistant to one of our profs this sem is advantageous. Well, it is and it is not. I guess the advantage that I have is the training that I experienced. I know what the prof expects, and what he wants to see. It ends there. Honestly, having the professor to teach us this sem is not good. I mean, I am pressured. Every time I write something, I would read it and think how he'd react. I feel as if he's expecting me to do better than what I am doing now, because I've been trained in a different way. Well, I think I aced my report. I hope I did.

Capacities. I believe that I am capable of greater things. Capable of overcoming the stress, and delivering what is needed (and more). I have a great capacity...and patience.

*This entry's title is inspired by Up Dharma Down's new album.