Thursday, August 23

Walking for Hope

Days after experiencing the wrath of the southwest monsoon, yet another ‘wave’ caused a flood in Roxas Boulevard. However, the scene was different this time. A few days back, it caused fear and posed threat to life and property; last Sunday, the flood represented a renewed sense of hope as people from all walks of life filled theRoxas Boulevardfor the ANCOP Global Walk 2012.

What is ANCOP Global Walk? The ANCOP Global Walk is an annual fundraising event of CFC ANCOP which aims to raise awareness and funds for Couples for Christ’s work with the poor programs, namely Community Development and the Child Sponsorship Program. The Walk is held in various provinces and cities in thePhilippines, as well as key cities in theUnited States,Canada, Europe,Australia, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Last August 12, 2012, Metro Manila spearheaded the ANCOP Global Walk in thePhilippines, which was held atRoxas Boulevardin the city of Manila. It gathered support from members of both the public and private sectors, and the Couples for Christ (CFC) community, together with its family ministries including Youth For Christ (YFC). This diverse crowd was united under one cause: to walk for a scholar. There was a short program which included an opening prayer led by one of the ANCOP scholars, a warm up session, and a short message from Tito Joe Yamamoto, the chairman of CFC ANCOP. At exactly 5:30AM, the countdown ended as the ANCOP Global Walk started.

YFC members and leaders, coming from the different sectors of Metro Manila, also supported and joined this year’s ANCOP Global Walk. In doing so, we were able to live out our identity as a Champion of the Poor by walking in support for ANCOP and its programs. As we marched downRoxas Boulevard, we brought a cheerful and youthful flare to the crowd together. Some of us went with our families while others walked with their households. Some even waved their YFC flags and banners. All just very much excited and happy, changing the gloomy atmosphere the street witnessed a few days back.

Meanwhile, as with the other participants, there were YFC members and leaders who took on the “extra mile” challenge and walked for an additional kilometer symbolizing their willingness to go the extra mile and beyond their comfort zones to help those in need.

Neither the length nor the heat hindered anyone from finishing the route. Crossing the finish line may have meant the end for ANCOP Global Walk 2012, but it is the beginning of a better future for the ANCOP scholars.

We, Youth for Christ, walked for a scholar; walk with us next year!
Article originally posted here for CFC-Youth For Christ (August 17, 2012).