Wednesday, April 4

A Year

A year ago, I was elected. A year ago, I said yes.

It was crazy to accept both positions. And yes, Spiderman was right-with great power comes great responsibility. Both kept me busy, hands always full with duties here and there. Weekends filled with activities. Sleepless nights to finish my responsibilities. Schedules that overlap, sacrifices made to give way for another.

A year has passed, and my term has ended. Well, at least for that one position where I got elected. As for the other one, my term ends next year (says the manual). I consider this second year as a second chance in my service. I know, malaki pinagkulang ko. I'm the sister, I should be the one nurturing our household. Yes, guilt is eating me alive during the wee hours of the morning.

I finally had that moment of silence earlier. Slowly, I'm beginning to hear Him again. After asking a bunch of questions and requests, I stopped ranting (in my head). I believe God told me earlier:
Trust in Me. Kapit lang, Debbie. Go ahead and make your decisions, but always remember that I have plans for you. I will reveal everything soon, don't worry too much about the future. Be excited and know that I will always be beside you. 

I don't care whether this is my nth or last year in service, I just have to do my best. I have to treat this year as a precious gift that I can't afford to waste. Inspired to do more this year, thank You Lord!