Wednesday, May 11

Just in case you randomly stumbled upon my blog, I'm currently at my thesis data collection & manuscript writing. This semester has been tough - in terms of emotional and mental stability. Might have experienced anxiety, depression, etc., and yes, I will definitely see a doctor after this. I had my share of mornings (or whole days) spent in bed, contemplating life choices whether I should get up or not...or maybe asking myself, why get up? Quite grateful for my support group, they help me see and appreciate life beyond this stage. This is not a dead end, this a stage in life long journey.

What keeps me going, then, aside from coffee? I wanted to create a list, but maybe I'll save that for a gratitude entry. Above those things and people on my list, it is love that fuels my passion. Love for the discipline, love for my country, and the love I receive from the God. It allows me to live each day with hope and faith that things will happen in accordance to His will.

Veritas cum caritate. Seek truth in love.