Wednesday, December 3

Singapore: Prologue

One Wednesday morning, my friends were intrigued about the photos I've been posting over Instagram and Facebok. Instead of answering them directly, I took the photo below and posted it on social media:

However, the photo created more questions. It was not spontaneous, the trip was already booked weeks after I came back from Japan. I've always wanted to travel on my own, so I grabbed this chance. My parents knew about this plan after I purchased the ticket, luckily they allowed me to push through with the trip.

Yes, I was in Singapore for a short holiday/vacation. Alone.

To be on my own, miles away from home, is interesting. Even if I have traveled without family, I had the company of my friends. This time, I was in Singapore, off to enjoy the city and to take care of myself. It's quite hard to be a curious kid and to make adult decisions at the same time. I sprained my ankle towards the end of the trip, and I had to give up touring just so I could stop torturing myself as well.

As a self-proclaimed introvert, I guess it was easier for me to travel this way. I don't have to worry if I woke up early or not. I had the freedom to explore Singapore at my own pace. During the trip, I realized that it was not impossible to make beautiful memories on your own. It's nice to be able to share the moment with people you truly care for, but at the same time to fully experience it on your own is another thing. I wasn't searching for anything. I just wanted to travel.

Would I travel on my own again? Definitely. It's a good breather, and personally, I get recharged from the drama that is life. However, I wouldn't say that it is better than travelling with family and friends (and vice versa). Long hours in transit could also get lonely.

On a side note, I'm curious with how the Singaporean society is structured - particularly with how cultures blend (or not) to create the city-state; as to how Filipinos (and Jollibee) were able to conquer a portion of Orchard Rd. I can't wait to write sociological papers out of my trip!

I'll be back for you, Singapore.