Saturday, August 31

While reading Eat, Pray, Love yesterday, I discovered two Italian idioms. These are: 1) Il bel far niente (the art of doing nothing) and 2) l’arte d’arrangiarsi (the art of making something out of nothing). Italians, according to the book, are the masters when it comes to these two. Unlike Americans who experience stress daily and go on vacations to 'escape', Italians take it easy and simply enjoy living life. I'm still in the process of reading the book, in between studying and working, but so far it's a beautiful one. It's good enough to be read even inside class, especially in MaFy. In the silence of my heart, I pray to be a master of  il bel far niente and l'arte d'arrangiarsi. 

I wish  I could have more time for reading books.